Measure Continuously

Measure Continuously

“The goal is to provide inspiring information that moves people to action” – Guy Kawasaki.

True leaders will take decisions based on factual data. Only facts can overcome the emotional responses and reactions. As such leaders will surround themselves with dashboards and metrics on whatever area that is critical at a certain phase. This data will also help the leader to shift focus as needed. Similarly, leaders will generate data in such a way that invoke people to react/respond.


Here is what we expect from our leaders:

  • have a defined set of metrics to measure the progress, quality and the success for each phase of the change initiative
  • have process and structure in place to capture metrics
  • find ways to capture data/information ‘objectively’
  • share data continuously with team and stakeholders


Based on years of experience, Baseline7 has developed and successfully applied the Project Likelihood-of-Success Indicator ™ (PLoSI). The PLoSI reflects the likelihood of success based on some very basic data which typically is already tracked and readily available for most projects. The indicator is a snapshot in time but when maintained on ongoing basis will show insightful trends as well. The indicator can be adjusted based on stakeholder’s specific interest.