Change Leadership Methodology

The methodology we use for our change management / leadership initiatives is based on John P. Kotter's eight step process of successful change. These steps are clustered in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Set the stage (step 1 and 2)

Phase 2: Decide what to do (step 3)

Phase 3: Make it happen (step 4 through 7)

Phase 4: Make it stick (step 8)

Specifically for organizational change management around rolling out business-critical software solutions, we kept the same 8 steps but we tailored the approach to the specifics of such initiatives. See below schematic of the phases/steps and short description of each step.

Step 1 Establish a sense of urgency

Help others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately.


Step 2 Forming a powerful guiding coalition

Makes sure there is a powerful group guiding the change. One with leadership skills, credibility, communications ability, authority, analytical skills and a sense of urgency.


Step 3 Creating a change vision

Clarify how the future will be different from the past and how you can make that future a reality.


Step 4 Communicating the change vision

Make sure as many others as possible understand and accept the vision and the strategy.


Step 5 Empowering other to act on the change vision

Remove as many barriers as possible so that those who want to make the vision a reality can do so.


Step 6 Planning for and creating short-term wins

Create some visible, unambiguous successes as soon as possible.


Step 7 Consolidating improvements and producing more change

Press harder and faster after the first successes. Be relentless with initiating change after change until the vision is a reality.


Step 8 Institutionalizing new approaches

Hold on to the new ways of behaving and make sure they succeed, until they become strong enough to replace old traditions.