Baseline7, a Semco Style company

At Baseline7 we truly care about our people. Many companies say that, but we believe we have the model to support it. Baseline7 is a so called ‘Semco Style’ company. Per the Semco Style Institute, these companies “organize around people instead of structures and procedures. They treat adults as adults, put people above organizational modes, and see freedom and self-interest as the basis for collective alignment”.

Semco Style builds on five principles:

Everyone at Baseline7 is basically a partner in the company. We are organized in ‘self-managing’ teams that consist of up to 10 people and are centered around industries and disciplines. As such, each individual has a strong ‘home base’ while working on assignments with and for our Customers. These teams provide ongoing support and guidance to each individual in the team and as a collective work to improve the service for their Customers.


The ‘Semco Style’ philosophy is followed by Baseline7 internally and it does not mean that we manage our Customer’s initiatives similarly. During assignments, we follow the processes and procedures as agreed upon with our Customers. What our Customers will notice is that we have very motivated people with a tremendous support base to get through the biggest challenges.